Collector's Gifts

Both decorative and functional, these birdhouses will be a fun addition to the indoor or outdoor decor of your home
Ships in a Bottle
The romance of tall sailing ships have been astoundingly captured within glass bottles
Historical recreations of actual lighthouses makes this collection a collector's dream
Perfume Bottles
Exquisitely designed perfume bottles in various colors, shapes, and designs
Musical Water Globes
Beautifully detailed water globes play delightful tunes that fill your heart with delight
Musical Water Fountains
This collection will calm and amuse you with lovely tunes and cascading water 
Musical Carousels
The musical carousel collection brings back the wonderful memories of childhood with meticulously detailed craftsmanship and beautiful melodies 
Brides, Victorian ladies, and dolls dressed from around the world make these dolls collector's gifts 
These collector's plates are often center pieces of conversation when displayed in you home enjoy! 
Egg Art
Delicate designs and art work make these eggs great collectors gifts 
Fiber Optic Flowers
Light up any room with a bouquet of glowing, eye catching flowers 
Dream Catchers
Ornamental versions of popular dream catchers. Dream catchers are said to catch good dreams for the dreamer and allow bad dreams to slip right through the web 

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