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This site is an accumulation of articles about the Spruce Creek area and inhabitants. Please feel free to share these articles and information with friends and family. And, please come visit us at Cracker Creek!

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Two Month Gestation Period

Back in June 2014, around the fourth, I saw and ate beautiful red surinam cherries at Cracker Creek.  Because of the plentiful rain we experienced this year, the two large bushes produced a bountiful spray of fruit. From the handful


Preserving Future Florida: Doris Leeper

Four hundred and thirty-six years before Doris Leeper departed this planet, the French artist Charles Jacques Le Moyne captured the images of the Timucua Indians, like those living along Spruce Creek. Shortly after her death, Volusia County and other investors

Cracker Creek Whips

Cracker Day 2013 @ Cracker Creek

We had a great day celebrating the Port Orange Centennial and recognizing our pioneer heritage. Come join us again this year for another fun Cracker Day on 31 May 2014 from 10am until 4pm!           Cracker